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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My review of Walker's Wedding by Lori Copeland.

Walker's Wedding (The Western Sky Series)

About the book:

Bestselling author Lori Copeland (Outlaw’s Bride and A Kiss for Cade) weaves together elements of another classic Western romance with themes of redemption, forgiveness, and second chances.

Abandoned by his fiancĂ©e hours before their wedding, Walker McKay is determined to never let a woman near his heart again, but he needs an heir to inherit his ranch after he is gone. Courting someone new is out of the question, so he’ll have to find a wife another way.

Wealthy heiress Sara Livingston wants to be married, but her suitors are deemed unsuitable by her unreasonable father. When the opportunity to fill the bill for a mail-order bride comes her way, she grabs onto it with both hands.

Will Sara’s deception and Walker’s wounded heart keep them from finding what they are looking for? Or are they truly meant for one another?

This book was formerly titled Marrying Walker McKay, and was rewritten for the inspirational market.

My review:

I really enjoyed this book. While reading I tried to imagine the parts that were originally written for the secular market, and I'm guessing the wedding night was elaborated on much more in that version of this story. At any rate, the entire novel captivated me, but without being too edgy. You got the idea about their marital bliss at first based on implied statements. Nothing was overt, but it was fabulously communicated so you still caught the emotional image of their experience. I really liked the hero and the heroine in this novel. Yeah, the hero had his anger directed at her for not telling him the truth at first, which is a fairly typical plot line, but it worked in this case. I was starting to get as upset with Walker as Sarah had been. I felt more of a sense of betrayal towards her (coming from him) than the other way around. I really hurt for her. I also keenly sensed her moral dilemma. She really was in a lose-lose situation.

The secondary characters really made this story shine, too. And that friend of his, Caleb, was a real wienie. I just didn't like the man, but I do have to say his reaction when he was busted was a bit surprising. I truly didn't see that coming. He seemed more evil than that, but then again, his reason for being a dirty crook supported the fact that he didn't want to hurt his best friend, he just needed the money.

I read this book almost straight through and found the setting and plot very easy to get caught up in. The writing was stellar and the emotional investment was a joy to experience. And those romantic scenes with tasteful, but at the same time smoking hot because of the marital tension and sexual attraction between them. I loved Sarah's overeager desire to please and her ability to make Walker feel like a real man. It shows just how far mutual love and respect will take you in marriage. I would not hesitate to recommend this novel who enjoy category romance and historicals where the guy gets the gal, loves the gal, loses the gal, and end in a happily ever after. That formula was perfected in this novel and the results were delicious.

A review copy was provided to this reviewer by Harvest House. I was not compensated in any way for my review. The opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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