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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Isn't this just the craziest thing? Now who would pay this much...seriously!

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    rbooth43 said...

    Not me, I'd have to win the book or go to the library if the book cost that much.

    Vicki H said...

    Rare book collectors might, if it's an out of print first edition. Not unusual at all for out of print books to skyrocket in value, when they go out of print, as they instantly become rare and collectible. I wonder if the Kindle will accelerate this by making print books even more rare? I'm hanging on to all my print books, hardcover or paperbound. You never know! ;-)

    Casey said...

    Umm.... not me. That is for sure. That is just plain crazy.

    Debra Ullrick said...

    Me either and I love your books. On Amazon, someone is selling the hardback version of my book, The Bride Wore Coveralls, for $69.60. What cracks me up about it is it is in Like New condition. It isn't even new. How come I'm not making that kind of money off of it. I must be doing something wrong. I wonder if anyone really pays that exorbitant amount.

    Debra Ullrick

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