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Saturday, July 17, 2010

I feel well-read. Here is my list of the Carol Finalists' books that I reviewed last year.

They were all good books and some of these even made my favorites list last year. I will denote those books with an *

Bonnie Grove - Talking to the Dead (David C. Cook Publishing)*

Jill Eileen Smith - Michal (Revell)

Susan May Warren – The Great Christmas Bowl (Tyndale House)

Christina Berry - The Familiar Stranger (Moody Publishers)*

Denise Hunter - Seaside Letters (Thomas Nelson)

Jenny B. Jones - Just Between You and Me (Thomas Nelson)*

Deeanne Gist - A Bride in the Bargain (Bethany House)

Robin Lee Hatcher - Fit To Be Tied (Zondervan)

Siri Mitchell - Love's Pursuit (Bethany House)

Laura Frantz - The Frontiersman's Daughter (Revell)

Julie Lessman - A Passion Denied (Revell)*

Dan Walsh - The Unfinished Gift (Revell)

Jill Williamson - By Darkness Hid (Marcher Lord Press)

Harry Kraus - Salty Like Blood (Howard/Simon & Schuster)

Kathryn Cushman – Leaving Yesterday (Bethany House)

Shelley Adina - Who Made You a Princess? (Hachette FaithWords)

Brandilyn & Amberly Collins - Always Watching (Zondervan)

Jenny B. Jones - I'm So Sure (Thomas Nelson)

Jenny B. Jones - So Not Happening (Thomas Nelson)*

Booker T. Mattison - Unsigned Hype (Revell)


Casey said...

I read some of those too! But most this year, not last. That is some good fiction! We are certainly blessed to have such a creative force in the Christian market. :)

Tracy Krauss said...

Phew! I'm impressed! That is a lot of books to have read in one year. I obviously don't get enough time for reading.

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