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Monday, June 07, 2010

"CBA" authors I enjoy who used to write for the secular market.

This is piggy backing a bit on the discussion for this week's book giveaway about authors who used to write for the secular market and made the switch over to Christian fiction. I'm going to post names of author and post a pics of their latest "CBA" (stands for Christian Booksellers' Association)  release and if I miss anyone please post a comment to let me know. K?

The most well known is Francine Rivers. I've read some of her secular novels from before. Whew!

Her Mother's Hope (Marta's Legacy)

Then there is Robin Lee Hatcher. She is an excellent author with many novels published.

A Matter of Character (Sisters of Bethlehem Springs, The)

Then Tamera Leigh

Nowhere, Carolina: A Novel (Southern Discomfort)

Lisa Wingate

Never Say Never

Margaret Brownley

A Suitor for Jenny (A Rocky Creek Romance)

Kathleen Morgan

One Perfect Gift (A Culdee Creek Christmas)

Linda Windsor

Healer: A Novel (The Brides of Alba Series)

Terri Blackstock


Lori Copeland

Walker's Wedding (The Western Sky Series)

Did I miss anyone? Don't be shy. If you know of someone not on this list then please post it.


Tracy said...

Hey Michelle! I think I have one for you... Didn't Anne Rice recently convert and write her first Christian novel? I haven't read anything by her, but it seems to me that this was big news a year or two ago. Hugs!

Mark said...

Though a totally different genre', Al Lacy wrote several secular Westerns under other names before he went to the Christian market.

PatriciaW said...

Angela Benson wrote AA romance--hot stuff--before writing Christian fiction.

Veronica Leigh said...

I believe that Lori Copeland, Catherine Palmer, and Karen Kingsbury wrote secular for awhile.

Edgy Inspirational Author said...


Not sure you are right about Karen, but you may be about Catherine Palmer. And silly me, I should have included Lori Copeland since that was why I did this post in the first place. Oy! I'm going to add it now.

Holly said...


Karen used to write true crime stories.

Edgy Inspirational Author said...

Karen did? Wow, you learn something new every day. Thanks, Holly and Veronica for educating me. :)

Joy Tamsin David said...

No more authors to add, but I just discovered Kathleen Morgan as an author last week, and I will be putting her work on my must read list.

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