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Monday, December 10, 2007

Blog tour for Angela Benson's novel The Amen Sisters

About the Book:
After witnessing the suicide of a church sister, Minister Francine Amen is disgusted with herself for turning against the young woman and refusing to accept her claim of sexual abuse by their pastor. Now, after a short stay in a psychiatric hospital, Francine is trying to pull her life and her ministry back together. But first she must face all of the people she has hurt so deeply--including her younger sister, Dawn. But can Dawn trust her? Francine used to date Dawn's husband, Sly--who now seems just a little too interested in Francine's recovery. As far as Dawn is concerned, Sly would be better off spending his time making amends to her for his own sins.
Angela's website:

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Here is a link to Barnes and Noble: After clicking on the link, select the features tab...
Click here to read an excerpt

My thoughts!

I was desperately trying to finish this awesome story before today but life got in the way. But I'm almost done with the book so a review will be coming soon. For now I can tell you that this story has a fabulous hook. I'm a fan of this author because Angela Benson always rights real-life fiction. I've read all of her books to date. This one is no except in that it's a compelling story with a lot of conflict and depth. I sense some healing coming between the sisters and other significant characters. If there is one thing Angela excels at, it's writing about relationships. This story ranks as one of her best (so far.) So expect a review soon! So sorry I didn't get it done for today.


Angela Benson said...

Michelle, thanks so much for hosting me. Don't feel badly about not getting the review done. I'm happy you're enjoying The Amen Sisters. I look forward to reading your review when it's complete. I'll be back later in the day to respond to questions and comments.


Cheryl said...

Awesome post Michelle. I am eager to read my copy too and now that you've provided your thoughts I want to get to it even faster.

See you along the trail Angela. You're doing a great job!


Angela Benson said...

Cheryl, I'm enjoying myself. I don't think I've made this many posts on other people's blogs in all the time I've been on the web. An exaggeration maybe, but not a big one. I tend to read a lot of blogs, but I rarely, VERY rarely post. Because of this tour, I'm going to start posting more.

Thanks again for hosting me, Michelle.


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