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Sunday, February 18, 2007

My thoughts on the interesting books I'm reading this week...

One of the disadvantages of reading five or six books at once is that you sometimes finish them all a week later. I'm cruising through these books and am not sure which one I'll finish first. Wedgewood Gray by John Aubrey Anderson is fabulous. But I knew it would be. No surprise there. I haven't encountered any head-hopping so far in this book (by page 73) so I'm thinking the author learned a thing about POV between the two novels. :)

Blessed are the Uncool by Paul Grant is a great non-fiction read. It provides an excellent history of the "cool" movement and is quite profound if you're a deep thinker type like I am. That's why I can only read a chapter at a time. I need a day or two to digest what I read between chapters.

The Redemption is fantastic! I love it. Lots of blood and guts and sword fights, but not too much for the weak of stomach like myself, though I swear all of the pirates had bad breath and no teeth save the hero in the book. :) And no surprise, Charlisse has thusfar manage to keep herself from being ravished (yay) and I'm halfway through the book. I'm a bit disappointed in Merrick, but I'm sure he's disappointed in himself, so that's okay. :)

From the Belly of the Dragon by Mark Mynheir is also very enthralling. It's a fast-paced suspense and I'm enjoying it very much. I wish I hadn't waited so long to take a crack at it. Lastly, Frazier Island by Susan Page Davis is a delight. I am impressed with how Susan took a potentially boring environment and kept me awake during the read. I would NOT want to live on that island. No way, now how. :)

I'm not sure if I'll finish Leaving the Saints by Martha Beck. Since I don't believe she's a Christian, I'm not feeling drawn to the book anymore. I like a bit of redemption in a real-life story. Not that the story embraces hopelessness or anything. I'm just not feeling drawn to it any more despite the witty writing style. That's it for now. Off to church!

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