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Monday, February 12, 2007

My review of Remember to Forget by Deborah Raney

Product Description: Stranded a hundred miles away from her abusive New York City boyfriend after a terrifying car-jacking, graphic designer Maggie Anderson impulsively heads west. Stumbling upon tiny Clayton, Kansas, she arrives without cash or a past---or so she thinks. As she begins a new relationship with Trevor Ashlock, will she be able to tell him the truth---before it tells on her?

My review:

Remember to Forget was a page turner from the outset. It's not going to make you pull your hair out with anxiety, but there is enough tension to keep you wondering when the boyfriend will show up. This is a great example of a story containing a heroine in a desperate situation who may be perceived as weak, but in actuality has always been a survivor, so in a way that makes her strong. However, she really did grow a lot as a person once she arrived in Clayton, Kansas. The hero did a lot of growing as well. Trevor is a guy any woman would want. They truly made a perfect match. I loved how the author left out the sometimes contrived tension that often occurs in stories where there is a character who lies about some things. She was desperate, didn't trust anyone, and did what she had to do.

The details were also fabulous in this story. I could see the interior of the bed and breakfast and the design work they did on it. I could taste the food and was sweating when I read about the dust, the heat, the town, etc. And the romantic element was perfectly done, as usual. So if it's cold where you live right now, this baby will warm you to your toes. The ending was also perfect, though it could've included one small element that would've made it even better. Those of you who have read Over the Waters will know what I mean. They were both great stories. This novel ranks toward the top of my Deb Raney favorites. Her voice is unique and her style is elegant and yet homey with a small town feel to it. Highly recommended.

Remember to Forget was published by Howard/Simon & Schuster and released in February 2007.


J. M. Hochstetler said...

Oh, I love woman-fleeing-from-danger stories! Sounds like a good one. Hope I win a copy!!

SHARLENE said...

I can't wait to read it . Great review! Makes me anxious to keep pushing through Mitford--so I can read some other stuff.


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