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Thursday, January 25, 2007

What I'm reading this week in January 2007...

I have SUCH a pileup of books. Now I'm like a shopper. I peruse the shelves, admire the covers, read the backs, and pick what appeals to me at the time. :) Still haven't finished A Pagan's Nightmare by Ray Blackston. I'm exactly halfway through and have no urge to pick it up. At all. Hmmm...I started two of his other books and never made it past the first chapter on either so that's good that I got halfway on this one. I know I'll finish it eventually and if I don't I'll tell you why. I'm reading If the Shoe Fits by Marilynn Griffith and am on chapter 7 or 8. So far it's holding my interest. I'm not sure if I like Made of Honor better or this one. I'll let you know as I near the end. Merely Players by Kathleen Kovach (Heartsong) is totally awesome and my favorite book right now. Plus, it's a little edgy. I am totally putting it up there on the top of my Heartsong favorites list with Nancy Toback's books. I haven't had a chance to finish it with all of these other books coming out and due dates, but right now it's my personal favorite. I hope to finish it tonight or tomorrow. I've also started Petticoat Ranch by Mary Connealy. Now that's a real peach of a story. I can't wait to find out who the guy really is. Very intriguing beginning. :) Oh, and I just started Frazier Island by Susan Page Davis. It's a galley and the release date is March 1, 2007. So far it's holding my interest. How will those two get together!?! :) Next up on my list is The Reliance by Marylu Tyndall, Germ by Robert Luparillo and another title that I can't think of right now, but I think it's called Abiding Darkness. So many great books, so little time!!! Did I mention I write my own stuff as well. What ever will I do if I sell something soon? :) Eek! Would be a nice surprise, if not slightly a good way, of course.

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