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Friday, January 05, 2007

A tribute to Barbara Johnson...

If you have ever been blessed by author/speaker/just-plain-great-lady Barbara Johnson (now 79 and living in an assisted living facility) and would like to contribute a fond memory or tribute to her newest and soon-to-be-launched website with the possibility of having your memory included in her newest book as well, please send your contributions to Kathi Macias at Kathi will keep you updated on the project’s progress, and can answer any questions you might have about it.

Here is my memory (for the record.) I heard Barbara speak more than ten years ago when I lived in Phoenix, Arizona and she was touring with Women of Faith. Some of the other speakers were Becky Tirabassi and Sheila Walsh. Anyway, I remember being very moved by Barbara's testimony and I bought her book. She gave away little glass "Splashes of Joy" and I kept one for years to remind me that our lives can have moments of joy even in the cesspools of our life experience. Barbara Johnson has suffered greatly and yet has blessed so many women with her testimony. So go ahead and contact Kathi and bless Barbara today with something God places on your heart to say. :)

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SHARLENE said...

I agree Barbara Johnson is a fabulous woman, but I've never had the privilege of listening to her speak. I do love her writing, though. Her example of walking by faith through the worst of circumstances has been such an inspiration--if only I could be so joyful ALL THE TIME, as she appears to be. I just completed the Women of Faith year-long devotional. So good and so inspiring.


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