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Sunday, January 28, 2007

My review of Merely Players by Kathleen Kovach...

Boy these Heartsongs just keep getting better-er and better-er... I'm having such a fantastic reading week. Everything I've read over the past few days has been awesome, so don't think I just love to rave about everything I read. NOT SO! Merely Players is fantastic. I can see this novel as a movie!!!

Book description:
Bethany Hamilton followed her father to Florida to escape the star-studded and invasive culture of Hollywood. Now, training dolphins and working with challenged kids, she finally feels safe--until she comes face-to-face with the man who abandoned her love for the big screen. Brick Connor has changed. He's no longer young Ricky O'Connell, at the mercy of his father's vile temper. Now he's a star, and his movies are major hits. When his latest project brings him to an aquarium in Florida, he learns that some things have not changed--namely, his love for Bethany Hamilton. But to her, the Lord must be the main attraction, and Brick cannot give that kind of headline to the God who failed him as a youth. Can wounded hearts join together on a common stage to participate in a perfect romance penned by God?

My review:
Reading this Heartsong novel was like delving into a delectable dessert. Delicious. The romantic element was fabulous...every reader's fantasy. Who wouldn't want a hot Hollywood movie star to be in love with them? I enjoyed every minute of this savory romance. The tension was great and the storyline...exciting! I felt like I was on a movie set and worked at the aquarium with Bethany. The dolphin scenes were great, too. The characters were very well-developed and believable. My emotions were totally tied in to their relationship. Bang up job for a debut novel. I can see this going into movie production. And the spiritual thread in the story was the best part, IMHO. A must-read! Very high quality writing and storyline. Made me smile at the end and sigh. I'm not kidding. Did I mention the fabulous kissing? Not just a peck at the end! I loved it!!! (I just had to say it one more time.)


Mary Connealy said...

Hi, Kathy. Kathy and I both awarded first time contracts at the 2005 ACFW Conference. She is and will always be a part of one of the sweetest moments of my life. And her book just snuck out a few months before mine. I've been emailing her steadily for a year and a half asking questions about what's coming. I consider her my Canary In The Mineshaft. :)

Katybug said...


I'm a new reader to your website, and I appreciate your reviews. Where can I find "Merely Players"? Is it even available to purchase yet?

Austin, Texas

Edgy Inspirational Author said...

Goodness gracious Katybug, how can I tell you where to get the book when I have no way to e-mail you? You can order it on Amazon or Heartsong Presents website. It's very inexpensive and VERY good. :)

Kathy Kovach... said...

Wow! Thanks for the great review, Michelle! And also thanks to Katy for wanting my book.

Because of a glitch on the Heartsong Presents Website, Merely Players isn't listed in the collection. Therefore, this is the exclusive page to find it at:
If that link doesn't work, please feel free to come to my Website and email me personally.

And Mary, what can I say? We're forever linked! Love ya!

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