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Thursday, December 28, 2006

You've met Katie. Now meet my nieces Rachel and Alex. These pics were taken on Christmas morning 2006...

Here is a picture of little Katie on Rachel's lap. My sister and her husband visited my brother for the holidays in D.C. I'm so jealous. :) I'm like the Grinch in the picture below.

This is a picture of my brother Mike and his wife Yvette. They will probably kill me if they find out I posted this on the net. LOL! They've been married over 16 years now. :)

Here is a picture of my niece Rachel. She is a miracle baby because she was born at 25 weeks gestation. Talk about premature! Anyway, she doesn't seem to have suffered any negative consequences and is adorable and healthy as you can clearly see. Look at all that hair! And it's red!

These are my nieces, both sisters. The tallest is Alex and she's 11 or 12 (I forgot which month she was born. I know, it's terrible.) I swear she's taller than I am. She definitely got her mother's height. Of course, my brother is tall, too. Rachel is the only petite one in the bunch!

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SHARLENE said...

What a precious family! Thanks for sharing.Thanks for sharing.

Huge Blessings for the New Year!


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