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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

It's snowing. I can't believe it!!! And sometimes UPS drivers are so stupid!

Granted, the snow is not sticking to the ground, but there are real live flakes coming down! I came home in a decent mood and considered lighting a fire in the fireplace (we've only had two since October) and found a chewed up package outside. It was Robert Luperilo's GERM! I SO wanted to read that but my dogs destroyed the book! And it's coming up soon on one of my blog alliance groups. I was so ticked I called UPS and told them just what I thought of their idiot drivers. I live out in the boonies, for Pete's sake. NO ONE is gonna steal my stuff!

After the first time two weeks ago that one of our dogs (I strongly suspect the newest addition) trashed the package, we called Nintendo and they kindly sent another to us even though it was not there fault. Then yesterday the dog chewed up the replacement package, but we salvaged what we could. I was annoyed then, but I am fuming today. Even my cheeks are hot! I filed a formal complaint with "What can brown do for you" AKA UPS and told them just what I thought of their drivers and their competence. I mean, how hard is it to leave a package either on the porch, or even outside the gate (if the dogs are out)? I mean, duh!

Anyway, I'm still mad about it and it takes a LOT to tick me off. SO word to the wise, don't send me ANYTHING via UPS because they are stupid and stick the packages INSIDE my gate where the dogs are running loose. Grrrr.... That was supposed to make me feel better. Um, maybe nothing will help but a replacement book. But it's SO not the publisher's fault either. I told UPS I think it stinks that sometimes they are the only shipping company a place uses (like is often the case with Amazon) and I WISH I had a choice so I could choose another company to do business with. Sheesh.

Okay, I'm done ranting now.


Bonnie S. Calhoun said...

LOL...I just happened to stop by. I'll se if I can at least get you a PDF copy...LOL...The dogs can't eat that one, er, uh....well you'll have to keep them away from the computer!

Rel said...

Hey Michelle! Bonnie told me about your UPS/Germ?dog dilemma! Look out for a copy of Germ winging its way to you on email.
Blessings :)

Mary Connealy said...

I've had Fed Ex, UPS and is it DSL is that a shipping company? No, that's high speed internet. Anyway, it had three letters and is not the normal truck, come to my house. Maybe you need a wooden box with a lid and the words FOR PACKAGE DELIVERY in big letters.
What makes me crazy is packages you have to sign for. Especially when they don't tell you. they just take it back, leaven a note, and say they'll be back some time when you're not home! No ones home these days. Who do they think will sign for these things????
Always enjoy a good rant. :)
Mary Connealy

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