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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Going with the flow...

Man, it's fortunate (for my family's sake) that I don't get all bent out of shape when things don't go as planned. Like today for example. The van got a flat after church. My plans for the day took a major nosedive. No reading got done because my books were at home. No editing occurred for the same reason. So what did I do? I decided to enjoy the THREE LONG HOURS we had to wait for the tire place to fit us in. I won't even tell you what the bill came to, but it was almost as much as my new computer tower. Grrr... Anyway, I took my boys and one of their friends to KFC (my husband came with) and then we went to the library while my husband waited for the van. He didn't want to walk two miles to the library, and I can't blame him. My butt needed some serious exercise, so I hauled it the two mile trekk. I had heels on so it was no picnic for me either, but thankfully they were only one inch high. I hate those spike things and can't figure out how anyone can walk in them. My calf muscles would kill me! But I digress. When we finally got home at 5 o'clock, my son and I made cookies (as promised) for the church cookie exchange tomorrow night. He's been wanting to make cookies for awhile so we did it together. I figure since he's nearly 14, there may not be many more opportunities to bake with him when it'll be his idea. So here I am at my computer. I think I'll do some editing now and then get back to my reading. I started The Reluctant Burglar by Jill Elizabeth Nelson last night and it's pretty good! Talk atcha later.

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