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Friday, December 01, 2006

Computer woes and other troubles...

Sometimes computer issues make me want to scream. I mean, I've been using them for a zillion years and know an awful lot about stuff your average bean doesn't get, and I still have problems. For instance, I just bought a new tower and it was fast and everything ran great. Then I did updates and boom, trouble begins with my internet options. It wouldn't open. Come to find out, there is a bug in IE 7 and it was automatically downloaded as an update. It fried everything and I had to start over. Yep, delete it all and reinstall it. Then I decided to choose the option that would still leave your files intact. That worked, however, many of them didn't open, and if they did open the didn't work right so I had to reinstall them again anyway. The worst part is when the computer swears that you have something still installed and you don't or worse, it tells you the defective program you have is working fine when it isn't. Grr....I'm having trouble with MSN right now, but I refuse to change my e-mail addy so they better know how to fix it without me having to delete the whole drive and start over again. Come on, people! I've had enough of this now! Anyway, there is no uninstall command or executable file for MSN anywhere on my hard drive so I can't uninstall it and reinstall. I want to pull my hair out now!!!

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Anonymous said...

LOL Remember how Elvis used to shoot a tv occasionally? My desk used to sit in front of big double windows, and so many times, I was tempted to push the monitor right out. My empathies, darlin'!


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