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Monday, November 06, 2006

My review of Relentless by Robin Parrish

Relentless is almost ridiculously addicting. I obsessed over it until I read the last page. Then I found out there will be two more books AND they are coming out in 2007 and 2008. Sheesh, I almost wish I had waited to read it now. I'm not one for delayed gratification (being American, and all that.) However, I do love a book I can burn through in very little time because it keeps my attention. I despise a boring story. The characters in Relentless were beat up and nearly pummeled to death so often that it was almost funny (in a twisted way), and like a soap opera, some of the characters refused to die or came back though you thought they were dead. GAH! I'd say that the violence was one of the things that made the story so vivid, yet it was a bit much for me in regards to description. I can still envision some of the stuff in the story and it ain't purty. It reminds me of a chop-chop flick with the near constant fighting, but at least there was a purpose for it in Relentless. Almost everyone wanted someone else dead. Sometimes the bad guys were actually the good guys and sometimes the good guys did bad things. All around it was a five for entertainment value except for the gore, which tempts me to rate it lower, however, in all fairness it was still riveting. Great plot, wacko scenes, cliff hanger moments, and even some heart tugging emotion are packed into this story. I'm thinking that Parrish and Dekker must be friends because they think alike in regards to depth and intrigue.

Relentless is published by Bethany House and was released in June 2006.

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