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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

My review of Promise Me Always by Christine Lynxwiler

Book Description:

Thirty-five-year-old widow Allie Richards has always dreamed of having her own landscaping business. After losing her job, Allie's Pinky Promise girlfriends convince her to enter Shady Grove's Beautiful Town Landscaping Competition. The prize? The town's landscaping and maintenance contract. But there's a hitch. Every move Allie's ragtag crew makes will be featured in the reality segment of a local TV show. Armed with only a green thumb and a motley crew of helpers, does Allie have any chance of surviving the hype and making her dream a reality? Daniel Montgomery, the man behind the camera, is after more than just a story. Will he be satisfied with anything less than Allie's heart?

My review:

It took me a while to get into the story, and not just because of the first person point of view. I'm not sure what it was. The book has a gorgeous cover, so maybe if Allie looked anything like the model on the cover, I think she'd want a modeling contract rather than a landscaping career. But that wasn't what hung me up, and honestly, this cover will definitely help sell the book. It's very attractive.

However, the more I got to know Allie through her relationship with her kids, the more I liked her. And Daniel is a pretty hot hero. I think the best characterization was with the two competing men. Trent seemed like a control freak, and I think the author showed that very well by the way he acted. Allie struggled with trust and relinquishing control that she never really had in the first place. (But don't we all?)

My heart went out to Allie when her kids got upset about her always working on the project and never being around. I started to get annoyed with Allie when she kept turning Daniel down. Blair was such a witch that I actually enjoyed her interaction with Allie. And the self-depracating thoughts Allie spouted to herself were downright hilarious at times.

I enjoyed the book, but it took me awhile to reach that point. In fact, I'd say it was about halfway through. In the end, the story was worth reading, in my opinion, and that's what matters most. I felt like I did get something out of my time spent with Allie, her family, and Daniel, the perfect hero...with a Harley.

Promise Me Always was published by Barbour Books and will be released Dec. 1, 2006.

1 comment:

Rachel Hauck said...

I loved this book. Chris is such a warm, down home, feel good author. She writes what I want to read.

Well worth the investment. Promise Me Always is a great Christmas present!


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