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Friday, October 20, 2006

My review of The Fall of the Nephilim by Douglas Hirt

This review was first written for Christian Book Preview's site.

My review:

The Fall of the Nephilim is a unique novel with a science fiction twist on the Biblical account of Noah's ark. All of the characters from the Biblical story are present, but in Hirt's book he adds a few characters for additional conflict. One is the eldest son of Noah, Wend, who is never mentioned in the Scriptures. However, Hirt illuminates the Noah's characterization in a way that makes sense...through his dialogue and description. In particular, he offers a believable explanation for Nephilim and their purpose in the Old Testament, as well as showing a glimpse of the depravity of man--such as human sacrifice--which led to God's decision to destroy the earth and begin anew. Hirt's novel makes me think of Noah meets Darth Vader (in Star Wars) with a bit of C. S. Lewis's Screwtape Letters and Frank Peretti's This Present Darkness inserted for added flavor.

For the most part The Fall of the Nephilim an action-packed tale. It has a lot going on...sometimes so much you lose track of the details. However, as in the famous tale of the "unsinkable ship" The Titanic, the reader knows in advance how The Fall of the Nephilim will end because it mirrors the Biblical account of Noah. We know that not all was lost, and that he and his family were saved. Thus at the outset there is a sense of hope. In Hirt's account, Noah has additional children and grandchildren not mentioned in the Scriptures--who are lost, but Shem, Ham, and Japheth and their wives in the Genesis account were saved from the coming destruction.

On occasion I felt like the author went on a bit too long in his description-- like when Noah and his sons were choosing the wood for the ark--almost to the point where I found myself losing interest. Other portions were riveting, such as the scenes with Lucifer and his minions plotting to take Noah out, or at least bring him down. Overall, I'd say Hirt's novel offered an insightful look into the Great Flood as well as the inner workings of the enemy's mind as he attacks out human weaknesses. For people who love Sci fi, Biblical fiction, and spiritual warfare books, this story is sure to be a hit because it contains all of the above. The Fall of the Nephilim is published by RiverOak and was released in May 2006.

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