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Friday, September 29, 2006

My review of The Cubicle Next Door by Siri Mitchell...

Now that the ACFW e-zine has made it's official debut, I'm posting my review on The Cubicle Next Door by Siri Mitchell. It's the same review, so if you've read the e-zine you don't need to read further. Otherwise, enjoy!

Jackie Harrison, an ultra-conservative-environmentalist-geek-civilian-employee of the military, and blogger on the sly, is one quirky lady. Her ordered world is flawless until an attractive, single, Lieutenant Colonel invades her personal space—literally. A cubicle wall is all that divides their offices, hence the title of Jackie’s anonymous blog. Jackie uses her TCND blog to express her private thoughts without fear of discovery—until her posts appear on television.

Dedicated to pulling Jackie from her comfort zone, Lt. Col. “Joe” Gallagher discovers his officemate’s unresolved issues. Abandonment caused Jackie to insulate her feelings to avoid pain. Undeterred, Joe stirs her heart until she can’t see straight, and when the proverbial calm follows the storm, Jackie has some tough choices to make.

Cubicle is an enchanting tale and the characterization is flawless. Jackie’s hang-up about straw usage is hilarious. Joe’s dimpled charm makes him endearing. The setting grabbed me. I experienced Manitou’s unique traditions, it’s frigid weather, and the Air Force “culture.”

The ending was to-die-for-perfect, and had me smiling and zipping through the TCND blog posts one more time. A joyride I’ll not soon forget, Cubicle explores an important question: What if God has more planned for your life than you do?

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