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Sunday, September 24, 2006

I'm back from Dallas and loaded down with...

chocolate, books, and cool silent auction stuff. I won a bunch of chocolate bath salts, body butter, lotions, shower scrub, etc. All chocolate scented. Very cool. I now have a zillion more books to read (slight exaggeration) and three more came in the mail while I was gone. The chocolate party I hosted was great. When one group of about 30 left, another group came after the late night chats. It was a blessed time as well. Unfortunately most people didn't take their chocolate with them when they left so I had two huge bags and one box of goodies leftover. Needless to say I was passing out candy for two days. We had specialty chocolates imported by attenders from France, South Africa, Bermuda, Hawaii, Seattle, California, Illinois, and they also brought lots of Lindt Swiss chocolates (my favorites) to boot. T'was heavenly, I'm telling you. I hardly got any sleep, however, so that wasn't so hot, but otherwise I had a blast. Harvest House requested a proposal after I pitched to Kim Moore. I have one ready, but just need to update it. The food was great, the fellowship was fantastic, and I'm very glad I went. Give me a few days and I'll post a book review and some cool pictures of popular authors from the conference (many were taken with me in the pictures.) I plan to post the majority of them on my website, but if you check both places you won't miss anything. Ciao!

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LaShaunda said...

Hi Michelle,

Glad to hear you had a great time.

OK what's a chocolate party?

Congrats on the proposal request.

Thanks again for reading my stuff.

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