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Sunday, August 06, 2006

My review of The Secret Life of Becky Miller by Sharon Hinck

What a fantastic story about letting go and letting God...The Secret Life of Becky Miller really touched my heart. The question, "Where is God when things get tough?" came up more than once during this entertaining and powerful story of commitment and God's grace. I loved how the core group of women from her church met regularly to encourage each other. Talk about the importance of small support groups! Every church should have a place of refuge for women like Becky Miller.

I experienced depth and emotional honesty as her husband, Kevin, struggled to resolve his own childhood issues. The emotional conflict was real-life stuff, and I felt Becky's pain as everything seemed to slip from her capable hands. The same thing happened to my mother when I was growing up. All she wanted her entire life was to be a good mother, because she was only seven when her own mother died. So what happened while her four children were still young? Her body was crippled with MS. My mom had to abandon the caretaker role and receive the caretaking. That was SO hard for my mom. But like Becky, she found God in the midst of it all and our family benefitted from her increased faith. Until Becky Miller was willing to give all of her hopes and dreams to God, she struggled. And guess what? He knew what He was doing all along. Imagine a satisfied sigh right about here.

The Secret Life of Becky Miller is one beautiful and inspiring story about an ordinary mom who could do extraordinary things for God...once she stepped out of the way. Oh, and those little story snippets at the beginning of each chapter made me smile. The Secret Life of Becky Miller was published by Bethany House in June 2006.


Jill said...

Whoo-hoo! This is a great read. I'm glad you agree. And Sharon's a Super woman herself.

BLessings, Jill

Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

I finished Becky Miller Saturday night and couldn't contain my enthusiasm. This is by far the best fiction I've read for Christian women. So real. So Biblical. So well-written.

I was so excited on Sunday. I dropped by our church library, and on the new releases shelf was Becky Miller. Another gal put a finger on it and tipped it away from the other books to get a look at the cover. I was able to tell her I'd just finished reading it and how much I loved it. She pulled it from the shelf, read the back, and marched to the line to check it out!

It's true what they say--word of mouth!

Anyway, Michelle. I saw your announcement about your review on the ACFW loop. I'm glad to know others like the book as much as I do.


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