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Sunday, July 02, 2006

My review of A Girl's Best Friend by Kristin Billerbeck

A Girl's Best Friend was everything I thought it would be. In fact, I liked it even more than She's All That, probably because Morgan is a fellow blonde. The author did an amazing job making me feel a part of Morgan's life, and helping me empathize with her despite the fact that she's lived a life of privilege.

There were some very touching scenes as well as some eye-openers for Morgan. Poor girl really was protected from the "real world" to the point that it was almost harmful for her to function in society without that protection of the almighty dollar. I love how she "found" herself and discovered that she didn't have to repeat history and become what her parents were.

I loved how her dad stayed a jerk because in reality many people have parents whose love is conditional and that's a very sad thing. I loved it that Morgan became stronger, and in the end she knew what she wanted, and it wasn't riches. Her heart didn't have to be as hard as a diamond because she could chose to love and give of herself to show that love. Truly a remarkable and very believable transformation, thanks to the loving input and truth-speaking of her Spa Girl friends, who tell it like it is.

I am anticipating a bang-up story of Poppy's self-discovery and something tells me that story will top them all. It's how Billerbeck does things. She builds your relationship and love for the characters, and makes each new story that much better. Just when you think you've discovered your favorite chick lit story, she hits you with an even better one. Amazing! Oh, and her attraction to the man with the six pack abs and the anticipation of his kisses made me smile. Morgan had private thoughts about the man's abs like I think about fine chocolate. Now that's a great story! A Girl's Best Friend is published by Integrity.

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