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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

My review of The 3rd Covenant by David Brollier

This is one deep story with incredible plot twists and a lot of criminalistics to stimulate the reader's mind. Clearly the author did extensive research. Having taken a college course in forensic science myself, I have to say that I was impressed by the way the evidence was collected and the conclusions drawn by the CSI and lead detective. Parts of this story had me thinking Jackie Chan meets CSI in regard to content. Snippets of the Asian culture woven into the story gave it an exotic flavor as well. The plot was extremely intricate and well thought out. I loved the details and the fact that I didn't guess who was behind all the murders. I was actually surprised at the end, yet the plot made sense. Very well done!

In regards to the actual writing, for the most part it was pretty good and descriptive with adequate "showing" and good dialogue. Some parts were a bit stilted in regards to speech and a few places had way too much telling. The changes in points of view were okay, but I would have preferred it if the author had stuck to three points of view...the lead investigator, his wife and the Bishop. With all of the others intermingled with occasional omniscient point of view, it got a bit confusing at times.

Overall I'd say the story was very engaging and interesting. The continual murders and collecting of evidence as the killers were pursued held my interest. There were very few dry places in this novel, and for me, that was good because I hate a dull story. Despite the "learning curve," I think David Brollier did a bang-up job on his debut novel. I can just about guarantee that his next book will be even better. The 3rd Covenant is published by Publish America.

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