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Friday, May 19, 2006

My review of Altar Call by Hope Lyda

This is my first title by the author Hope Lyda. She also wrote Hip to Be Square. (I haven't read it, but I've heard it's a great story. It certainly has a snappy sounding title.) Altar Call is the sequel, but can be read as a stand-alone. Mari is an honest heroine with a quirky love for food, especially if it's fattening. She's basically a nice girl with an assortment of odd, but classy friends. She think she's found love in her current man, but over the course of the story discovers that sometimes what you think you want doesn't fly with what you have. Sometimes what you need is what you want, you just don't always see it at first. Even her parents and friends missread her relationship. I'm still a tad skeptical of her fiance. He seemed awfully chummy with his female cohort who worked with him on this "important" project that all but consumed him. Once she opened her heart to God's choice for her, she saw what He wanted for her life, and as in any true romance, she then goes running to catch the train before it whisks her true love away forever. My only issue with the story was the dialogue. It didn't always flow naturally in that people rarely used contractions in speech. Most people speak using contractions often. Otherwise it was a truly delightful read. I enjoyed getting to know Mari and her friends and I hope Ms. Lyda continues on with a third book. By the way the story ended I can definitely see possibilites for a sequel. If you love engaging chick lit with quirky characters you'll want to read this one. :)

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