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Friday, April 28, 2006

Something to sing about...

As a Gen-X parent I often worry about how my kids will turn out. I worked very hard to teach both of my sons how to show empathy and apologize, but sometimes you wonder if you didn't prompt your kids if they would ever spontaneously do that as needed on their own. I have a huge praise. My oldest son (14) who is huge (6' 2") actually apologized to my husband for giving him a hard time. He did this without being asked. Now that makes me want to sing. He's always apologized to me, but with his dad it's a new thing. Also, my oldest is not afraid to hug me in front of anyone, including other teens. I think that's so cool. He also prefers to wear Christian tee shirts over all others. He's found his identity in Christ. Now THAT'S something to sing about. :) Just had to share that praise today. I couldn't contain it!

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