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Friday, April 14, 2006

My review of The Remedy For Regret by Susan Meissner

When I started reading the story, the characterization of Tess intrigued me. She was living with a man and not married to him. I thought, "Wonder how the author pulled that off..." in regards to taboo subjects. My conclusion? The author did a wonderful job. The heroine was away from the hero, though still in communication with him, throughout the story as she traveled to find herself and remedy her regret. I was thoroughly impressed with how the author dealt with numerous issues. Abandonment, guilt, self-blame, shame, step-families, unspoken accusation, supportive friendship and unconditional love that led the heroine to a saving knowledge of Jesus and faith in God. The Christians in the story ministered to Tess in a way she could understand. They tuned into her need, spoke when the timing was right, confronted situations as appropriate, and loved her without expectations. I was also impressed with the realism in the story. Pain doesn't heal in an instant. People don't always accept our offer of forgiveness. Time doesn't always heal all wounds. Absolutely beautifully written. This is a novel that has made my life richer. From this point forward Susan Meissner is an author I'm putting on my list of "must-reads." I highly recommend The Remedy for Regret.


Anonymous said...

Sis do you think the lord was trying to speal through this last book to you ?

Edgy Inspirational Author said...

I think you meant "speak" to me. I dunno. Maybe. The subject matter was wholly different from what's been going on with me, but some concepts/issues are universal. In that respect, you're probably right. (you really do need to check for typos before you hit send.) :)

Camy Tang said...

I met Susan Meissner this past weekend--she's a wonderful woman! Sweet and kind and just fun to be with. She also won the Mount Hermon Writer of the Year award--well deserved!


Susan Meissner said...

Michelle & Camy: I am grateful beyond words for every encouraging word, sistas. I absolutely love writing fiction and to be affirmed for what I give the best part of my day to means a great deal to me.

You guys are the best.

Julie Carobini said...

Hi Michelle! Guess I'm a little slow, but finally found you again :-)

I too met Susan at Mt. Hermon. What a sweet woman. I'd like to read this book!


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