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Saturday, July 28, 2012

This is the best book video trailer I've ever seen!

The cool thing is I read the first book as an ARC, and loved The Sword, so the publisher asked me to endorse the second book, The Gift, which I also loved. So my name and endorsement is in the inside of that book and on the outside cover (back) and I just received the last book in the mail, The Kingdom. It looks fantastic. My name is inside that book as well. Whoo hoo! That was a nice surprise.

I would love to see this series as a movie (and the video trailer sure looks like a great intro to that option.) I should mention because I thought this was funny that my son was at a friend's house when The Gift was out and a friend of his had bought it. He picked up the book to read the back cover and said, "Hey, that's my mom!" to which his friend said, "Cool!" She also thinks Ted Dekker is cool. I don't mind that association at all. :) This is a great series. I hope you consider starting it. You'll be hooked.


Bridgette said...

I agree...this is definitely one of the best book trailers I've seen. I want my book trailer to be this good when the time comes to make one. Any idea who created this one? :)

Ricardo the Texan said...

That's because you haven't seen this one:

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