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Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Giveaway! Enter to win a copy of Love Finds You in Wildrose, North Dakota by Tracey Bateman

About the book:

Only the strongest flowers thrive in the wilderness. Rosemary Jackson has traveled all the way to the frozen tundra of North Dakota territory to visit her twin sister, Rachel. It's been three long years since Rachel left Kansas with her new husband for this wild place. But after months of anticipation, Rosemary arrives to find only a grave, a grieving brother-in-law, and an underfed baby. She has no choice but to stay and see the child through the long winter. Finn Tate has just buried his beloved wife, and he cannot seem to take care of himself, his home, or his infant daughter. He needs help. But he cannot stand the sight of Rosemary, who reminds him so much of her sister, standing at his cook stove. Rosemary comes to love Finn, but she knows he will never return her love. When the wildflowers arrive with the spring, she will have to leave Finn, her niece, and her heart in Wildrose, North Dakota.

My thoughts:

I am supposed to get this book in the mail soon to review for this promo, so if I get it this week and can read it in time, I will. But if not, I'll be reading it sometime this year. I love Tracey's historical fiction. She gets pretty deep. And doesn't this sound like a great story? I love heartbreaking tearjerkers. Ahhh.... anyway, if you want to enter for a chance to win this novel, simply post a comment about why you enjoy reading historical fiction. Plus, if you want to really impress me, comment about why this story intrigues you. :)


Megan (Inspired by Fiction) said...

I have enjoyed others in the Love finds you... series. I like that the settings are in real US cities. Historical fiction makes the history more real to me by "seeing" examples of lives lived then. But this one especially draws my interest because I am a twin too! Thanks for the giveaway!

Judy said...

I don't really know why I love historical fiction. It just grabs me and reels me in. This story intrigues me and perked my interest right away with the man's name, Finn. You don't hear that name. Also, I have to find out if Rosemary wins Finn's love. I hope so! I love a good historical romance. I haven't read anything by Tracey. She is a new author to me. I would love to win a copy of Love Finds You In Wildrose, North Dakota. Doesn't the title of this book win you over? It does me.


Carol N Wong said...

I love historical fiction, especially in the United States. This one is especially interesting to me because it is set in North Dakota where it would take a lot of courage to face the ravages of climate. My grandmother homesteaded in South Dakota and came back to Indiana.

Thank you for this giveaway.


Paula said...

I love reading historical fiction because it takes you to a time and place when things were much simpler and everything was so different than it is today. I have loved every book I have read in the Love Finds You series. Thanks for the chance to win!

Tore said...

I really want to read this book. It sounds very good. Please enter me in contest.

Abigail Richmond said...

Thanks for the giveaway, I would love to read this book!

apple blossom said...

Oh, I love LFY books and this one really intrigues me because I live in ND and had never heard of Wildrose so I had to find out where is was located. The story sounds wonderful from the summery you gave. thanks for chance to win

ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

Anonymous said...

I was introduced to LFY series a couple years ago and just love them. Thanks for all your great post they are so helpful. Please enter my name in the giveaway. Blessings Sara
Saradawson09 ( at) yahoo ( dot) com

Lisa Nelson said...

I enjoy reading the Love Finds You series, too!!
Please enter me!!
Thank you,
Lisa Nelson

Cindy Westerhaus said...

Reading books is a way to escape, but reading historical fiction is the ultimate way to leave your "present" behind and enter a new era in time. It's an awesome way to research history too, in a not-so-boring way. It's amazing how much one can learn with novels set back in history.

huskernaz (at) yahoo (dot) com

Jennifer said...

I love history and I always wondered how people survived and lived back then. I'm amazed how tough people were and how much work needed to be done.
This book has grabbed me with just the little description about how Rosemary has lost her sister and yet is willing to stat and help with her niece and Finn even though he doesn't want her there.

Anonymous said...

Someone has done great picking the authors for the "Love Finds You" books, Not a one that I have read was not good. I'm sure this one will be great, too. Thanks for giving one of us the chance to win it.

karenk said...

i love the simple beauty of historical fiction.

thanks for the chance to read this novel...what a fabulous cover

kmkuka at yahoo dot com

Emma said...

Please enter me!I have enjoyed all the other books in the Love finds you series. Love Finds You In Wildrose, North Dakota by Tracey sounds wonderful.Thanks for the giveaway.augustlily06[at]aiml[dot]com

Michelle Sutton said...

and the winner is...


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