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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I got a real kick out of this... and at the same time appreciated the message.

My sons go to this university and because I am a parent I get regular newsletters from the school. I found this post quite funny so I wanted to share it. This is a twist on drug prevention that is actually interesting to read, don't you think? I love the picture, too.


Not Going to Pot
by Melissa Griffin, Campus Health Promotions

It is likely that the recent publicity around the legalization of marijuana has sparked a conversation about the topic between you and your student. For your benefit and the benefit of your student, we want to address some misconceptions about the consequences associated with the use of marijuana, legal or not.

The policy at Northern Arizona University strictly prohibits the possession and/or use of marijuana on campus. Not only are there potential associated health risks, there are other potential consequences that are in direct competition with our mission to promote academic success.

To this end, it is our hope that you may continue, or initiate, a conversation with your student about the documented potentially harmful consequences of marijuana use. Consequences range from those associated with academics, to health risks, to legal issues. Some of the most surprising consequences are listed below.

Marijuana use has been associated with:

Lower academic performance
An inability to focus and retain information
Increased rates of cancer
Increased rates of respiratory problems
Reduced ability to perform tasks requiring coordination,
such as driving a car
Increased anxiety or panic attacks
"Amotivational" syndrome

Possession or use of marijuana can result in:

University probation
Criminal charges
Restricted access to campus housing
DUI (for driving under the influence of marijuana)

To better put their college education to use in the work world, students should avoid marijuana. History of drug use can prevent students from getting jobs in law enforcement, forestry, public education or health care professions.

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Rev. Kim Justice said...

Thanks for this post.. my kids are all grown.. but do have grandkids.. loved the picture...

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