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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

My review of Holiday Rush by Lisa Scott

About the book:

A Black Friday shopping-trip-gone-wrong loses Lindy her job, her guy, and her dignity. Then it gets worse—she has no choice but to take a job she loathes. But there’s one bonus in the deal: a seriously hot boss who might help her feel that holiday rush again.

My review:

I enjoyed this short story more than I thought I would. It had a sweet story line and once the heroine got past her initial humiliation, some tender moments happened between the hero and heroine. I found the humor and romantic tension quite entertaining. I loved the theme about blessing others and giving to people in need and how it is more rewarding than receiving gifts. The tender memories from the heroine's Christmas past added to the story's charm.

The author created a dreamy hero that any woman would enjoy getting to know better once they got past his initial smugness. The heroine was a real hoot. Her affinity for expensive clothes made her character even funnier, especially given the fact that she met the hero at a discount store. As someone who refuses to go shopping on Black Fridays, this story just firmed up in my mind the reason I avoid stores on that day. Overall the dialog was witty and the characters were likable. It's hard to write a short story that is satisfying, but this one delivers.

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