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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The YP Publishing blog tour stop for Seven by Paige Agnew!

Seven: Seven Strangers One Purpose
Here is what the author, Paige Agnew, has to say about her latest book Seven...

"I guess what started my writing was a really strong desire to have a story of my own. I fall in love with others’ stories again and again and again and I really just wanted an experience like that for myself. I wrote my first book, Starless Sky at age 15 and published it in January of 2010. My second book, Seven, was published February 2011.

Seven is a thriller. This riveting tale takes the reader on a journey as the events unfold and their commonality comes to the forefront. The seven strangers soon learn that unity is greater than division. The story asks the question will the characters be able to set their differences aside long enough to free themselves from the grips of this jaded kidnapper. Seven will make you laugh even cry as it takes you on what seems like a heart-racing roller coaster ride by inviting you into the lives of these seven characters.
The book also has a spiritual aspect of it. It’s not entirely noticeable at first but its subtlety makes itself known by the end of the book. There are a few twists and turns in Seven that leave the reader trying to figure out what the end will bring.  Seven promises to end with a bang."

To read their story, go to the author's website, You will find an excerpt of Seven; if you are intrigued to hear more, you can purchase her book there as well.

The book is also available at, Kindle and other retailers.

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yvonnew said...

This book is a great Halloween read!

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