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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Revell blog tour stop for The Colonel's Lady by Laura Frantz (with bonus review.)

Colonel's Lady, The: A Novel
About the book:

In 1779, when genteel Virginia spinster Roxanna Rowan arrives at the Kentucky fort commanded by Colonel Cassius McLinn, she finds that her officer father has died. Penniless and destitute, Roxanna is forced to take her father's place as scrivener. Before long, it's clear that the colonel himself is attracted to her. But she soon realizes the colonel has grave secrets of his own—some of which have to do with her father's sudden death. Can she ever truly love him?

Readers will be enchanted by this powerful story of love, faith, and forgiveness from reader favorite Laura Frantz. Her solid research and deft writing immerse readers in the world of the early frontier while her realistic characters become intimate friends.

My review:

Another fantastic story set during the colonial period in early American history, The Colonel's Lady by Laura Frantz is a book for the keeper shelf. Not only is the cover gorgeous, but the story inside is heart-warming and passionate as well. While reading, I learned more about the colonial time period and significant historical events (as I always do when I read one of Frantz's novels) in addition to being utterly entertained. The author clearly did her research, which showed in the quality of the setting and other details pertinent to the story.

The emotional highs and lows in the novel were compelling and the characterization was excellent, as I have come to expect from all of Frantz's novels. I adore the author's writing style and the beautiful way she puts words together on a page to make you feel like you are living in another era in her books. Those smoldering kisses shared between the hero and heroine made my toes curl in my shoes, too.

Never once did I feel like I was pulled out of the story or the setting. The author knows how to keep a reader grounded. She had me experiencing life in the Kentucke territory in a way that impacted me and made me think. I found the heroine's interaction with the Shawnee warrior Five Feathers to be compelling, and the way the Colonel handled things to be admirable. The brother's subplot was a definite plus for the story because it paralleled a person with a good side and a dark side. There were a lot of creative ways in which that element was used.

I loved the whole spy issue and how the author used the guilt that came from undisclosed secrets to drive so many issues that moved the plot forward. The faith journey in this book was believable and solidly written. I appreciated how the author showed very human struggles between the hero and heroine due to their attraction to each other. The characters had some intimate moments which made the story even better because it showed their vulnerability. All in all, I enjoyed this story. I can't wait to see what Frantz writes next.

The Colonel's Lady was published by Revell and was released August 1st, 2011.


Britt Mitchell said...

A wonderful review. I started reading this book last night. I'm a HUGE fan of Laura's.

~Britt Mitchell

Laura Frantz said...

Wow - so humbled and honored to wake up to your amazing review, Michelle, and to see my Smoky Mountain sister below leave a precious comment:) Bless you both.

Your review means more than I can say because I respect your own writing so very much and you really seem to "get" my books. The insights you always bring to your reviews always fascinate and stay with me. I look forward to your reviews and feel the book can't be too bad if Michelle liked it;)

Thank you so much for giving of your time and talents and including me in your very busy life!

Kate {The Parchment Girl} said...

I've been reading more historical fiction lately and this sounds like a really interesting novel! I'll definitely keep it on my radar.

Alyssa from James Patterson Book List said...

I loved the Colonel's Lady, great historical story with some romantic twists!

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