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Sunday, July 17, 2011

New giveaway! Now I'm giving away Tea for Two by Trish Perry!

To enter for a chance to win a copy of this book simply post a comment that answers this question... Everyone knows at least one single parent who has struggled with raising teen(s) alone. Do you think love at a time when your kids are going off the deep end would help the person cope better, or distract them from what they need to do to help their kids? In other words, would romance make them stronger, or hinder them as parents? Just curious about opinions on this one. Examples are always helpful (shared without details, of course.) I haven't had the experience myself so I am wondering what you all think. I'll select a winner next Sunday using the Randomizer program.

Tea for Two

About the book:

Counselor Tina Milano has been visiting Milly’s Tea Shop regularly for the past several months. She has many friends but no steady man in her life. Zack Cooper is a local farmer who provides Milly with fresh fruit and vegetables. As a single parent, Zack is doing his best to raise his teenage son and daughter on his own.

When the kids get in minor scrapes with the law, Milly gently encourages Zack and Tina to work together to draw the teens back before their rebellious natures land them in even hotter water. At first Tina sees the relationship in only a professional capacity, but soon her friends notice the luscious scent of romance in the air and decide to help things along.

Tea for Two is a faith-filled novel that explores the delight of second chances, warm friendship, and unexpected romantic encounters.

My take:

I have this book in my house somewhere (as a galley) but I haven't had the chance to read it yet. (Sorry, Trish.) I usually enjoy her books. They often make me smile, giggle on occasion, and even shed a tear or two. But since I haven't read this one I can only assume it's as good as her other stories. 


Debbie Clark said...

I think that it really depends upon the two adults. My husband and I never had kids, so I am not an expert. However, there can be a lot of resentment with a new person entering into the family dynamics. On the other hand, some kids can immediately bond with the new step-parent when they were desparately needing that type of guidance.

I would love to win Trish Perry's Tea for Two. Thanks for the chance to win.

Debbie Clark

B. J. Robinson said...

Sounds like a book I'd love to read and review. I think it would depend on what type of parents were involved as to whether or not it'd help or hinder the focus on the teens. For example, a woman who was raising a teen son might find a male role model (the right type) helpful. Blessings, BJ

Kristine said...

I think that it all depends on the relationship. I'm neither a parent nor single, but I did teach high school for 7 years and have a good sense of what teens need. I was also single when I taught, and didn't meet my husband until I was 35. All that said, I think the right man can make us the best version of ourselves. And that would make us the best parent. Also, the right man can bring life skills, experience, wisdom, and a fresh perspective. So, in the best of circumstances, a romance could even bloom while this good guy enters their lives. With a distracting romance, the opposite could happen. It could be easy to be distracted by romance without substance and faith.
-Kris Kohut

G. said...

I think it would take a very special person to handle a new relationship and manage their family. It's possible but difficult.

Would love to win Tea for Two, by Trish Perry!

Thanks for the giveaway!


Valerie S. said...

That's quite the question--I think on one hand it might give the single parent the confidence they would need to face the problem with their child, and maybe see it with different eyes. She or he would then be able to fix it better. On the other hand, that might be a time to show your kid that you care more than anything and do everything you can with them to let them you're right there? I'm sure there's a public debate somewhere about this, lol--but that's my two cents. :) Hope I win the book too, lol! ;)

Tore said...

Please enter me in contest. I would love to read this book. I am a follower and email subscriber. I think it takes a special person to go into a relationship with someone that has children and to try to connect with the children and make them all one family.

Joyce said...

I think it depends on the individual. Not only could romance hinder or help but sometimes a parent can't handle their teens problems and is in denial.

Joyce.Williams2 at yahoo dot com

windycindy said...

I think that it depends on the personalities of the single parent and their romantic situation...
I have seen both sides via my
friend's relationships. Going too
strong one way or the other does
not help with parenting!
The child comes first...
Many thanks, Cindi

Katybug said...

I too think I depends on the people involved. Sometimes the stress & worry over the situation requires a step back, or distraction, for a short time to gain better perspective or be open to new ideas on how to handle things. Sometimes someone else's "view from the outside" can help...but sometimes not.

I love Trish's books too...she always makes me laugh out loud! And I could use the short distraction her books always provide!!! (no I'm not a single parent...I'm moving! Yuck!)

Krista said...

I think it really all depends on the people- the adults and the teens. On one hand- for the adult it would be good to have someone with 'different eyes' seeing the situation, and then they can lend support and strength. And well- it can be good for the child too, to have someone who can look at the situation from a different point of view.

Well... I would love to win this book. Please enter me!

Anonymous said...

Well like most everyone has stated it all depends on the individuals. It would take a lot of patience and prayer to help. Please enter me in the contest would love to red this book. Thanks
angelsofmyeye (at) yahoo (dot) com

robinorr2 said...

I would love to win a copy of Tea For Two.

To answer the question, I think that it would be very helpful for the person to be in love at such a time. Reason being is that they have another person to bounce off ideas with and to buffer the feelings of loneliness and frustration. I was a single parent and sometimes I just felt like I was going crazy alone. I also think it would be a good example for the children to see a healthy relationship develop. I believe two are stronger than one.

robinorr2 said...

forgot to add my email to my comment, sorry for that... robinorr2 @ gmail. com :)

Samantha said...

I believe that it depends on the kind of person the parent is dating. My mom is a single parent, and I have seen first hand that some people just do not mesh well with teenagers. If the person that the parent is dating tries to be too controlling, or tries to take the place of another parent, then they are certainly not right for both the parent and teenager.


ihhcheryl said...

I read her first book in this series- I think it was the perfect blend- I really like Trish Perry- she always does a nice job. Thanks so much! ihhcheryl(at)comcast(dot)net

Michelle Sutton said...

and the winner is...

Anonymous AKA angelsofmyeye!

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