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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My review of Soaring Home by Christine Johnson

Soaring Home (Love Inspired Historical)

About the book:

Small-town girl Darcy Shea aspires to be the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. All she needs is a plane, flight lessons—and the luck to avoid marriage. A husband would never allow her to fly, let alone truly soar. When test pilot Jack Hunter crash-lands practically in her backyard, her prayers seem answered…almost. The dashing aviator won't let her near his plane—or reveal the real reason he's keeping her grounded. But Darcy won't give up until both their dreams come true. And even after conquering the wild blue yonder, she may find that love is truly the greatest adventure of all.

My review:

Soaring Home was an intriguing historical category romance with all of the required elements that make the story worth reading. I enjoyed learning about the history of flight in the early 1900s and the way people flew early model airplanes. That sounded pretty flimsy since they were made of wood and fuel would spray from the engine onto the pilot's goggles. Ew. 

Each time Jack and Darcy flew was quite an adventure. The hero had a lot of good qualities and the romantic tension was sufficient to keep the plot moving. The heroine was enthusiastic about flying to the point that her headstrong ways were almost annoying. Then again, the current trend seems to be making heroines very assertive and strong in historical novels. I'm not convinced that women were indeed that aggressive and headstrong, but maybe people want to believe that about the past. Anyway, the story had a lot of adventure and danger. The first few kisses were warm enough to steam my goggles. Just kidding. 

There weren't many dry moments in this book, which is good for a LI novel. I tend to skim them when things get dull or drag on and on. I thought the minor characters were note-worthy and well-developed, too. I grew pretty attached to them. The ending was a tad corny in places, but some parts were sweet and heart-warming. This story was a quick read even with some stereotypical elements required for category romances. I'd probably read another book by this author. Her plotting was detailed and interesting, and the dialog, for the most part, was believable.

Soaring Home was published by Steeple Hill/Love Inspired Historical and was released in Nov. 2010. 

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