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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My review of A Cowboy's Touch by Denise Hunter for BookSneeze and B&B Media!

A Cowboy's Touch (A Big Sky Romance)

About the book:

Four years ago, rodeo celebrity Wade Ryan gave up his identity to protect his daughter. Now, settled on a ranch in Big Sky Country, he lives in obscurity, his heart guarded by a high, thick fence.

Abigail Jones isn't sure how she went from big-city columnist to small-town nanny, but her new charge is growing on her, to say nothing of her ruggedly handsome boss. Love blossoms between Abigail and Wade--despite her better judgment. Will the secrets she brought with her to Moose Creek, Montana separate her from the cowboy who finally captured her heart?

My review:

Denise Hunter knows how to write a really romantic story. I enjoyed this one, but then again, I enjoy all of her books. I liked how she pulled some of Abigail's pain from childhood and tied it to her need for investigative reporting. I also liked how she tied her guilt to her health issues. I really liked Abigail and Wade as a couple. He was such a "guarded" cowboy, but so many men are like that when they've been hurt or felt violated in some way. Abigail was a great nanny for his daughter and I loved watching their relationship develop. Wade felt like a real man's man to me, which made him more cowboy-appealing, if you know what I mean. He sounded hot, too, based on his physical description. They made a really good match.

Of course, every true romance has to have at least one dark moment. This one was well done. I felt Abigail's pain. I hurt for her, but I hurt for Maddy (Wade's daughter,) and for Wade, too. Everything came crashing down like a ton of bricks on their heads. Ouch. But then the healing is always an important part of any story. Sometimes for healing to occur there has to be pain. There was plenty of pain in this story, though it didn't last forever (thankfully, because my heart couldn't take that.) I really enjoyed this romance and loved the ending. And those I would have fallen in love with Wade, too. Just getting through to his heart would have been reward enough, but toss in a few smoldering kisses and it is enough to make any true romance lover swoon. Good stuff. Great romance!

A Cowboy's Touch was published by Thomas Nelson and released in March 2011. A copy of this book was provided for me to review by the publisher through their Book Sneeze program. The opinion above is my own.


Lee Smith said...

I love all her books too. This one is on my wish list. :o)

Sheila said...

Just finished this book last week. Love this author, fun read!

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