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Monday, April 04, 2011

I've got some nice bookmarks for anyone who wants to help promote Letting Go!

The crazy thing about these bookmarks is this -- because of financial constraints I was determined to design them myself, and they aren't bad at all (they are much prettier when you see the actual bookmark.) All I had to use to help me design them was Microsoft paint - yeah, the kind everyone has on their PC. So I guess this proves you don't have to be tech saavy to do this, or have a fancy design program, you just have to be determined to figure it out.

Do you like helping promote other authors books? When was the last time you got something for free? I have some really nice bookmarks to share with anyone who wants them. If you are interested in getting some to pass out to friends and people at your church let me know by writing me at and I'll send you a little stack of them. :)


Debra Ullrick said...

Wow, those are beautiful!!!! Who designed them?

Michelle Sutton said...

I did them myself!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I would like a stack. I will send my email address. I believe in helping promote good christian reading.
God bless!

Anonymous said...

Just received my bookmarks! They are very lovely! Great job on them!

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