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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Grace Awards finalists here. Two of my books are among them!

I had four books published in 2010 and of the four, two finaled in this contest. The cool thing is it's reader drive so you don't even know who is voting for you or what they are saying. You can't vote for yourself or nominate yourself. So I had no idea until today that I'd finaled. Anyway, here is the info...

Grace Awards

The Grace Awards 2010 first round of readers choice voting for excellence in faith-based fiction has come to an end. Reader votes have been counted and we have our finalists. Readers who voted were required to give a reason why they voted for a particular novel. We've chosen from what readers had to say and you will see a sampling below.

Some of our judges are finalists. However no author, including judges, was allowed to cast a vote for his/her own novel. The Grace Awards made every effort to generate reader voting by reaching out to readers on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.

Women's Fiction: (serious women's issues, can have humor and suspense elements)

Never Without Hope ~ Michelle Sutton, Sword of the Spirit**

Rachel's Contrition ~ Michelle Buckman, Sophia Institute Press**

Sensible Shoes ~ Sharon Garlough Brown, Westbow**

Romance/Historical Romance: (the primary element is love, courtship, marriage, be it then or now)

Meander Scar ~ Lisa J. Lickel, Black Lyon Publishers**

No Other ~ Shawna K. Williams, Desert Breeze Publishing**

Road to Deer Run ~ Elaine Marie Cooper, iUniverse**

Suspense/Thriller/Mystery/Romantic Suspense/Detective Novel: (crime fiction, there's probably a body)

Back On Murder ~ J. Mark Bertrand, Bethany House**

In Plain Sight ~ Michelle Sutton, Desert Breeze Publishing**

K-I-L-L FM 100 ~ Teric Darken, Westbow**

Speculative Fiction: (science fiction, fantasy, horror, etc.)

Future Savior Book One: Conception ~ Jennifer Hartz, Desert Breeze Publishing**

Rabbit: Chasing Beth Rider ~ Ellen C. Maze, Treasureline Publishing**

Seasons of the Mist ~ Deborah Kinnard, Sheaf House Publishers**

Action Adventure/Western/Historical Epic Fiction: (exploits/quest, a fee of wide open spaces, expansive)

Alpah Redemption ~ P.A. Baines, Splashdown Books**

The Manor of the Ghost ~ Tina Pinson, Desert Breeze Publishing

Wounded Spirits ~ April Gardner, Vinspire Publishing**

Young Adult Fiction: (appeals to ages 14 - 21ish)

Kestrel's Midnight Song ~ J. R. Parker, Flaming Pen Press**

Knight of Glory ~ Nicole Zoltack, Desert Breeze Publishing**

Secrets Under the Midnight Sun ~ Elisa Maria Crites, Westbow**


scrapbookangel said...


Andi said...

CONGRATS!!!!! I am so excited for you!!!!! :o)

Sally Hunt said...

Interesting. I see a lot of the judges as finalists, including yourself. Congrats all the same.

fredamans said...

Congrats on both nominations Michelle, thanks superb!
Break a leg!

Michelle Sutton said...

Thanks everyone!

Sally, it just worked out that way. I wasn't allowed to nominate myself or vote so even though I volunteered to judge it doesn't matter. I didn't even know I was nominated so I couldn't ask for votes. It is a very fair contest that way. Finalists are decided on the nomber of nominations per book. The person doing the data collection doesn't have a book out and did not share any info with us so until the announcement came out I didn't know a thing. I have won author of the year (reader nominated) in 2009 from Shades if Romance and I didn't know I was nominated until I found out I won. It's not even an option to say vote for me when you don't know you have been nominated. This contest was also open to small press and self pubbed and most contests disallow them. That may explain why it turned out that way. Most of the judges are with small presses. The contest was posted in a number of places. It was entirely up to readers to post nominations and vote. I had no involvement other than agreeing to be a judge. Same with the other judges. Just so you know.

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