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Friday, October 29, 2010

This is the crazy bunch of case managers that I see regularly at my day job.

They take Halloween a bit too seriously! (VBG) As you can see from my pic, I'm just a party pooper. I dressed up as "myself". Actually, I had several meetings today, too, so dressing up wouldn't have been appropriate even if I'd wanted to get in costume. Anyway, I have to explain that our token male in the office, Kevin, is quite handsome, but not in this pic where he is dressed up as a redneck with crazy teeth and a mullet under his hat. :) Also, Trish was missing from this photo. She's a gorgeous African American coworker who is six feet tall (and a basketball coach on the side, like I'm an author on the side.) She had an appointment so she wasn't in the office when this was taken. She also dressed as herself. Oh, and if you are wondering what is up with the disability word about our heads, that's the sign on the wall in the lobby that says Developmental Disability (our division that we work for under DES.) Our boss is the lady with the red devil horns on her head. Kevin brought them in for her to wear today and she obliged him. Funny!

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