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Friday, January 01, 2010

89 book read in 2009! I also signed 8 contracts! 2009 was a good year!

Yep, I read and reviewed 89 books last year. I also endorsed numerous books for other authors and started about 40 books I never finished because I lost interest, or didn't review because I didn't like it and didn't want to cause a fuss by saying so. Because I was Editor-in-Chief of CFOM for most of 2009 it was hard for me to find the time to read, but since I've resigned from that position things are picking up speed again.

But...I also signed 8 book contracts divided between three different publishers. And that's not all, I also wrote two complete novels and revised two others. I even created four book trailers all by myself! This next year promises to be even more fun! I'm shooting for 100 novels read now that I have a little bit more time free, plus it looks like I may be signing two more books contracts (at least) to release in 2011 and beyond. I also have three other strong possibilities that are in the to-be-considered pile on three different publisher's desks. I'll let you know when these things are official so we can celebrate together.

Peace and have a great 2010!

So if you want to post a comment, tell me...what did you accomplish in 2009 that you'd like to share.


Lee Smith said...

8 contracts? Wow! Congratulations are in order for you. I also bet you will have a very busy 2010.

I wish I knew how some of you write as fast as you do ~ I just can't manage it. I need too much time. I'm so happy for you though, and I wish you all the best.

I wrote my very first full manuscript (still working on it though), joined my first writing group, took my first writing classes (a bunch of them), started a blog & a website, entered a few contests and got good feedback and met some wonderful people. :o)

Terrie said...

whoo... good for you... So Far I read more that eighty nine .. I haven't count it yet. I am trying to catch up with Love inspired series. For my year of 2009 turned out just great and biggest accomplishments for me.. This New year will be busier as I think of.

I haven't forget your last book I have tried to order... I will get this time on this month.

Keep writing Michelle... I pray you will have new book will be success in new year.

Edna said...

I have become friends with lots of authors, my favorite people.
And I guess the best thing that happened to me in the past year is that God got me through, even though I lost a brother, and my son-in-law was digonaised with Chronic myelogenous leukemia, he is 36 with two of my grandchildren 4 & 6 years, he is doing better Praise God.


Linda said...

I met a lot of new authors and had the privilege of reading and blogging about their books on my two blog sites (as well as,, and
I enjoy reading their devotionals and comments, as well as seeing the authors' families.
Thank you for sharing yourselves, your wise words, and books!

LuAnn said...

Just stopping by to say "Happy New Year!"

PatriciaW said...

8 contracts? Wow, how will you find time to read while fulfilling those? :)

Congratulations to you.

In 2009, I read roughly 135 books. I learned to be more accepting of my evolving writing process. More patient and more relaxed.

Sharlene MacLaren said...

How will Michelle find time? She is a POWERHOUSE!!!
She also works full-time as a social worker, but at the rate she's going, she may be quitting her day job. Huh, Michelle?

Congrats on all those contracts! I, too, don't know how you do it. It takes me seven months to complete (including edits) a novel. I'll be releasing two books in 2010, but more like one a year after that. I couldn't keep up with you if I wore PF Flyers. Remember those?

Love you, dear girl. We must talk soon.

Rhonda McKnight said...

8 contracts. She's got to be hanging around for the pension or something. Can't be the job. It's gotten too crazy in our business. I have one contract and I'm trying to quit.

Congrats to ya honey on all the favor God has bestowed upon you. I can still remember us both sitting at the ACFW Conference with those One Sheets and our big dreams!

Kathleen L. said...

Michelle, you're an inspiration! You are a hard worker, and the blessings you have sown to others are coming back in this harvest. Lord bless your 2010!

Carman said...

WOW! That is all amazing. :D You did great! I'm so glad that other people are seeing what an amazing author you are, and wanting you to write for them.

My "thing I'm sharing" is that I started my very first blog, and it has been so blessed by God! I also started my second blog "last" year. ;)

Edna said...

I knew you had a good year every blog I go on you were there, but I love it, you are such a great person and author. God is really with you.


Sharon Ball said...

Holy Cow...eight contracts!!! Man you had a good year. I'm totally jealous. You rock, girl!

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