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Saturday, May 30, 2009

My review of Rain Dance by Joy DeKok

About the book:

Jonica and Staci meet in a doctor's office at a critical turning point in each of their lives. Jonica is ending unsuccessful infertility treatments and accepting the death of her dream of having children. Staci is scheduling the termination of her pregnancy so she can further her dream of a career in law. As the two young women tentatively reach out to each other, they forge a most unlikely friendship that will forever transform their future.

My review:

Rain Dance is compulsively readable. In that I mean that the characters draw you in and you feel like you want to keep reading their individual stories. There is a lot of emotion packed between the pages and the faith element is also very strong. I enjoyed the dynamics between the two friends and reading about their emotional and spiritual challenges. There are several wonderful, healing messages in this novel. The only thing I didn't care much for was the way the points of view would sometimes take a step back so the same scene would be played over again. In some ways it was helpful to see that point of view regarding the same situation but from a different perspective, but many times that wasn't necessary and impeded the emotional impact the story would otherwise have on the reader. But regardless, I really enjoyed this story.

Rain Dance is published by Sheaf House and will be released August 1, 2009.


Renee said...

Rain Dance sounds phenomenal. I'm going to have to try to find this one.

Linda said...

I think they call these episodes a 'God encounter.' It certainly accounts for women not have a pregnancy terminated. I wonder if going over the points of view had anything to do with the woman having second or third thoughts of carrying the baby and needed reassurance. Just my thought. It sounds like a book to give to someone contemplating abortion. Thanks for your review.

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