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Friday, March 13, 2009

My review of The Desires of Her Heart by Lyn Cote


A New Orleans lady and a half-breed frontiersman become unlikely allies as they travel the wilds of texas.

In 1821, when circumstances make it impossible for her to remain in New Orleans, Dorritt and her family head west to join Stephen Austin's settlement and recoup their fortune in Texas.

Quinn is a man of the frontier who has made a name for himself as a peerless scout. But as he and Dorritt's party begin a grueling trek across untamed Texas, the success of their journey is in grave doubt. Mexico has broken with the Spanish Crown, and armies from both countries—plus marauding Comanches—roam the pine forests and prairies. And one of the party is plotting destruction.

Now, with their lives joined in a virgin land fraught with peril, can Dorritt and Quinn put all their trust in God and receive the desires of their hearts?

My review:

For the most part this was a good story. It kept my interest more than lost it. But there were some things that made it a bit challenging. Like sometimes the sentence structure didn't make sense. Also, the characters would say things and do things that didn't fit the era they were in. That kind of stuff tends to bug me. Like use of expressions that didn't exist in speech in that time period.

There is also the issue of characterization, and some of the people were pure evil. Usually even the bad guys have vulnerable spots and I didn't see that with two of the characters who always gave Dorritt a hard time. I did admire Dorritt but I question whether or not she would have been allowed to act the way she did toward the slaves without negative consequences. It made her heroic but lost some believability at the same time given how harshly her stepfather treated their slaves.

But on the plus side the romance was pretty intense at times. The author knows how to write a yummy kiss and leads up to it very well. But toward the very end there was another issue that is hard to share without giving away any key plot points, but it did seem a bit unresolved. Several people were in perilous situations that went unresolved, so you don't know what happened to them. Did the guy die? Did the other guy ever get out of jail? Stuff like that.

Overall I enjoyed this story more than not. Though I did mention more downsides, I have to say that this author does know how to write a good romance, which is why I finished the book. Maybe she should just stay away from historical romances and stick to contemporaries.

The Desires of Her Heart was published by Avon Inspire and released in February 2009.

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