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Monday, March 30, 2009

Guest review of The Voice by Bill Myers.

Back Cover blurb from Barnes and Noble:

Charlie Madison is a burned out Special Forces Agent and his world is about to be turned upside down. When his 13-year-old niece barges into his reclusive life, Charlie must come out of retirement to rescue her parents and a computer Program that has recorded the actual Voice of God--the implications of which have shaken the world's religions to their core. Together, with the help of the attractive and mysterious Lisa Harmon, Charlie and his niece circle the globe, tracking down the religious radicals who have kidnapped his sister and brother-in-law. But, there is far more at stake than the safety of the parents or even religion. If the Voice of God created reality, It can destroy it. If controlled, It would become a weapon of mass destruction making all others obsolete. Soon the trio not only fights against various religious powers, but major governments as well . . . until the Program is discovered and played back with unimaginable results.


This is my first experience with Bill Myers’ writing. It won’t be my last. His fast-paced action held my interest so intently I read The Voice in only one day.

I loved his characters. Charlie Madison carried some serious baggage, and Bill Myers portrayed it so well, I instantly bonded with the character. I enjoyed how Jazmin’s spunky attitude meshed with Charlie Madison’s quiet, yet strong, demeanor. It was often humorous, and with all the intense action, it provided a nice break sometimes.

The Voice challenged me in my faith, as it shared different viewpoints on what happened in the Old Testament. It also reminded me of the awesome power God has to heal any broken soul who seeks Him out.

Review written by Lynn Rush.

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Robin Johns Grant said...

I love Bill Myers! This one sounds as thought-provoking as his books usually are.

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