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Thursday, January 29, 2009

This could be your week to win something special!

What is that special item? You guessed right. It's a copy of my book. I know we all think our books are special. I kinda like mine. :) Anyway, I am looking for some new promotion ideas. I need to know if you have a private school library or church library that might benefit from a copy of my book. Or how about a youth group or a book club? If you have some effective way to help me keep getting the word out about my book I'll send you an autographed copy for yourself, or if you already have a copy I will send you one to share with a friend. The important thing is to write me with a great idea. The best ideas will all win a promo copy, unless I have so many I have to pare it down. In that case I'd put the best in a bowl and randomly pick a few. So don't be shy people. . . write me at joyfulhutch[at]msn[dot]com and tell me your idea privately to get a chance to win. You can post here that you are interested but that won't get you in the contest. Sending me your brief proposal (on how you can help me keep spreading the word) is how to get your name in to win a copy. I know there are a bizillion giveaways out there, but this one is special to me, so purty please, tell me what you can do and my book could be yours soon.

To find out more about my book or to read over 50 reviews, click on this LINK


Anonymous said...

Well well, as you know l am a big fan of your book, l have had 4 of my neighbors read it too, they all love it... as you know l live in a senior community of almost 700 apts, we have church every sunday at our club house, now also in the club house we have our own "library" its a huge cabinet that we exchange books from, what a great way for these seniors to get to know Chirst, enjoy a good book, relive the past... lt would work great for my complex! Percy

Tarasview said...

I just emailed you :)

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