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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Faith 'n Fiction Saturday: Anticipated Reads for 2009!

My Friend Amy: Faith 'n Fiction Saturday: Anticipated Reads for 2009!!

Well, I'd be amiss if I said I wouldn't be excited about my own book coming out, It's Not About Him. Hehehe. As for other books, anything published by Susan Meissner, Siri Mitchell, Julie Lessman, Trish Perry, Marylu Tyndall, Sherri Lewis, Ted Dekker, Jamie Carie, Virginia Smith, Lisa Samson, Melanie Dobson, Kathleen Fuller, Tina Forkner, Denise Hunter, Michelle Moran, etc.

There is also a new fantasy coming out that I endorsed called By Darkness Hid by Jill Williamson. WOW! You'll love that one!

Sorry if I missed some authors on this list. I can't remember them all off the top of my head. Tosca would be on the list but she doesn't have a book coming out in 2009.

Oh, and there are more Sheaf House titles coming out in 2009 including mine. They are...

The Wind of the Spirit by J.M. Hochstetler
My Son John by Kathi Macias
Rain Dance by Joy DeKok
It's Not about Him by Michelle Sutton
The Case of the Mystified MD by A. K. Arenz

Two of the covers are done already and mine is in process. Check these pretty pictures out...


Lindsey said...

I forgot that yours was coming out! :-) needs to get that in it's "Coming Soon" list - that's what I looked through. lol God bless!

Kim said...

Oh Michelle! Wind of the Spirit is going on my list today! I just read my first book by her the other day and LOVED it!!

Jill Williamson said...

Aww! Thanks, Michelle! I'm excited, too. :-)

Jenny said...

I just scoped out 'My Son, John' over at Sheaf House's website and it looks like it will be good - gotta make a note of that one. Thanks Michelle.

Happy reading!

J. M. Hochstetler said...

Michelle, thank you for posting our new releases from Sheaf House! You're a sweetie. Those covers really are pretty, aren't they? And just wait till we get yours done!

Kim, I'm so glad you enjoyed my book! I really think Wind of the Spirit is the strongest in the series so far, and I hope you'll enjoy it too!

Shauna said...

I pick up maybe 5 to 6 books a year to read, but I got a copy of Kiss by Ted Dekker and Erin Healy. It is I have to say a great read. Dekker’s work is always good but with first time author Healy, this book is outstanding. I had to make myself put it down because I was not doing any work at my office (I was getting stares from my coworkers). The website for the book is

Publisher’s Weekly sums it up like this:
Master of evangelical Christian suspense, Dekker (Thr3e; Blink; Skin) joins first-time author Healy in this thriller, no less fast-moving than the Christy Award–winning author's solo prose, but also more gripping as it plunges into the life of a woman with frayed and painful family relationships. When a tragic auto accident leaves Shauna McAllister's brother brain-damaged and erases her recent memories, she discovers she has a paranormal ability to steal memories from others, a capability that will either get her killed or unveil hidden sides of the very people she thought she could trust. Against this background, she attempts to uncover the ugly truth about her father's dark secrets and to upend his run for president of the United States. True to Dekker's penchant for twists that keep you guessing till the very last page, Kiss also attempts to return to snappier dialogue and more logical plotting than Skin. A psychological suspense thriller that shines light into black-market child trafficking, Dekker's latest will satisfy Christian fiction lovers who want complex characters and who believe in the stark realities of true good and heinous evil.

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