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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pics from Hastings Entertainment book signing today.

Just to summarize, I had a great day! I sold twelve copies and a bunch of people brought in books they had already purchased, about eight or nine copies, so in all I autographed over twenty books. Not everyone wants a picture up, so these are the brave ones shown below.

My first customer today. What a great guy!

She had the right idea! Autographed books make great gifts!

What would I do without my best bud at my signing? I'd be lost!

Here's a great guy with a funny side. This is the serious pose...

Now here is where he lets his excitement out. It's so funny I am caught up in it!

A friend from work. She took her copy on vacation with her. Smart lady, eh?

Now this is truly supportive. My own pastor came to get autographs, too. Aw!

Snagged this reader on his way to the pub, as in where you get drinks--not books. He'll like my story. It's very guy friendly, and as you can see, lots of guys are reading it. Whoo hoo!

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