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Sunday, October 19, 2008

The perils of "no" flight when your plane is canceled.

Well, there is a first time for everything. I have never had a flight canceled before. I am always warned ahead of time of changes. I travel more than most people, so what happened this time? Priceline happened. They have lost my business forever. They failed to tell me my flight was canceled! Online it still showed as a "good" flight. SO there I am in the airport with my family wondering why the line is missing. You know, the one you see before every flight? It was dead there. I found out why. They canceled the flight about a month ago.

The problem was we already returned the rental car and had nowhere to go. So we sat in the airport for about five hours waiting for the next flight. But that wasn't until after the ginormous headache we went through. The airline shall remain nameless, but after realizing the mistake the employees were very helpful. They obviously felt sorry for us. The soonest we could get home was Monday morning. Here it is on a Saturday afternoon. We had brought no more supplies, meds, or anything and then are told it'll be two more days before they can get us home? No can do. My hubby and I have jobs and my kiddos have school. So we negotiated for the next best thing...transport to Phoenix.

Problem was that is 200 miles from our home. And the airport in Tucson is where our van was parked! But God bless friends. My family friend Sandy, who I've known for 17 years and who lives in Phoenix, agreed to pick us up from the airport in Phoenix and drive us to Tucson late at night. That's like 125 miles one way! She dropped us off and we were able to load up in the van. But then it wouldn't shift gears and we thought we'd be stranded for sure.

But angels must've pushed that sucker out of the lot because after about ten minutes of revving the engine and crawling at about 30 miles per hour, the gears shifted and it went up to the normal highway speed. By then we were tired, thirsty, and hungry and decided to forego food lest we stall in the drive thru line, plus it was 2 AM before we got home and not much was open. But I'm here today to testify that we did make it home, no thanks to Priceline and many thanks to God and to friends. SO that's my story and I'm sticking to it. :)


Bev said...

I am sorry for your troubles but glad all turned out well. I will make a note not to use Priceline.

Nise' said...

WOW. I am sorry that your flight was canceled and am impressed that it was your first time! I've had it happen too many times. I fly out of and into a small airport. Glad you made it home.

Anonymous said...

UGH!! what a mess! l have been blessed with all my traveling that l have never had a cancled flight, l just cant imagine! l do ALWAYS bring extra meds though-just in case, you never know... l am gald you made it home safe and sound! Percy

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOODNESS, Michelle. What a story...I'm sorry. Glad you made it safely!

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