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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Pictures from my first book signing ever - in Bisbee, Arizona.

First of all let me just say that I had a blast. Not everyone was as brave as my customers photographed below. When I told them I'd post the pics on my website these ladies all said, "okay." They were as excited as I was about my first booksigning.

The first customer I had today happened to be walking by and she was the attorney I thanked in my book for her legal advice. How fun is that? So she bought a book, and I autographed it to her, but I didn't get a picture with her because I didn't think about it when she came by. Next came these lovely ladies. I forgot to ask them where they lived. Since there was an art festival in town today many people came from out of the area. Pictured below are Pamela (left), me (center) and Leoni (right.) Don't we look happy?

My next brave customer's name was Kelly. I think she said she lived in either Tucson or Phoenix. I spoke to so many people that I forgot the details of every conversation.

My last brave customer was Jamie. She bought my book for her niece MacKenzie, but said she planned to read it, too. In all I sold fourteen books, which isn't bad considering the majority of the residents in Bisbee are not interested in inspirational fiction, nor were many of the artisans and people browsing today, but I still had some great discussions with a lot of very nice people as you can see from their smiling faces. I hope some of them will let me know when they finish my book. I'll check my guestbook once a week just to see if they write me.

Pictured below is my youngest son. He's a sophomore in high school and was a great help to me today. Mainly he kept me smiling and joking, and that helped a lot. What a great kid I have, eh?


Susan Stitch said...

Congratulations -- how exciting!

bigguysmama said...

Yippy! I'm so glad you had a nice time for your book signing. And what a blessing your son was with you. If it's still as cold here when you come to the MOA, you won't be wearing short sleeve shirts! We're wearing coats already! How sad is that? Can't wait to finally meet you!

Mimi B in chilly MN

Anonymous said...

l am SO proud of you! l know you are on cloud nine!!! Percy

Anonymous said...

I love my nephew's long hair...he looks so cool! Congrats, Michelle. I am proud of you.

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