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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Now I'm giving away a copy of The Penny by Joyce Meyer and Deborah Bedford.

To win a copy of this book simply post a comment telling me what intrigues you about this story and I'll enter your name into the drawing. Don't forget to leave me a way to contact you if you win!


Jenny Blake has a theory about life: big decisions often don't amount to much, but little decisions sometimes transform everything. Her theory proves true the summer she's 14, when she makes the decision to pick up a penny embedded in asphalt and consequently ends up stopping a robbery, getting a job, and meeting someone who changes her life forever-Miss Shaw. Together they form a friendship that dares both of them to confront secrets in their pasts-secrets that threaten to destroy them.

Jenny helps Miss Shaw open up to the community around her, while Miss Shaw teaches Jenny to meet even life's most painful challenges with confidence and faith. This unexpected relationship transforms them both in ways neither could have anticipated, and the ripple effect that begins that summer goes on to bring new life to the people around them, revealing how God works in the smallest details-even in something as small as THE PENNY.


Alessandra said...

I'm intrigued by the friendship between Jeny and Miss Shaw. This sounds like a very good book. Please enter me!


Tara said...

I loved a bible study I did by Joyce Meyer so I'd love to see what kind of fiction she writes!

ReadingRobin said...

I would love to win this book, thanks for the offer.
cmrobin [at] bellsouth [ddot] net

Pamela J said...

WOW, a domino affect. I know God uses one thing to lead to another and all are ultimately in His plan as He weaves each detail together. I'd love to read this to see for myself how each are affected: jenny, the robber, her boss, Miss Shaw...
And everyone on each side of each of them.
The penny is indeed small, but who doesn't stoop to pick it up? How might my or your life be different had we NOT picked up a penny here and there?
Please enter me. Thanks.
Pam Williams
cepjwms at yahoo dot com

Yan said...

What interests me is how the penny stopped a robbery and got her a job. It's the mystery of it all.


Nancy said...

Thanks for this giveaway. I would really like to win this book. It sounds like an interesting set of circumstances for Jenny, but I'm really intrigued because I was unaware that Joyce Meyer also writes fiction. I have a lot of respect for the lady.
njones127 at tampabay dot rr dot com

Abi said...

What intrigues me most is the mystery aspect of the story. I too will bend over and pick up pennies so that caught my eye also.

ABreading4fun [@] gmail [dot] com

Smilingsal said...

First, the cover with the white gloves reminds me waaay back when I wore white gloves in the summer to church at Easter.

Second, I STILL stoop down and pick up pennies (much to my husband's dismay.)

Third, there a relationship between and older and a younger that calls out to me to be read.


luv2read said...

I am interested in this book because it is by Joyce Meyer and I love her non-fiction books.

stampedwithgrace said...

having a 14 year old daughter, I think we'd both enjoy reading this!

windycindy said...

How fun that a penny starts off the myriad of events! I have always picked up heads up pennies. I also believe that loved ones that have passed on, sometimes show us they are around with pennies. The relationship between Jenny and Miss Shaw and the cause and effect of their friendship
sounds wonderful. Please enter me in your drawing. Many thanks, Cindi

Karin said...

I want to know about "the secrets that threaten to destroy them". Sounds interesting.

bigguysmama said...

Hi Michelle, I've wanted to read this book for quite a while so I'd loved to be entered to win. Thanks for the offer!

In Christ,
Mimi B

mnjesusfreak at gmail dot com

Lalycairn said...

Don't count me for the book, as I have already read it, I jsut wanted to say, it was WELL worth the read on lots f different levels. I used it as a read aloud for my 11 year old daughter as well, and she loved it. :) Hope who ever wins it enjoys it as much as we did.

Michelle Sutton said...

and the winner is...


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