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Sunday, August 31, 2008

My first live autograph today and other fun facts!

I am learning so much about this book business every day. For one, even though my book officially releases tomorrow (actually midnight tonight - whoo hoo!) people have been receiving my book already. So whether the order came from Amazon or Barnes and Noble, my book has been shipped out. One such recipient approached me at church this morning and asked if I'd sign her book and write something in it that I haven't written in anyone else's book. Well, that was easy as her autograph was my first official one. :) But I have been autographing reviewer copies as I mail them out, however, they don't count, IMHO as they aren't "live" requests. Not that any of that matters, really. I am just stoked that people are reading my story and enjoying it. I'm also thrilled about my upcoming book signing schedule. Some of the ladies at my church said they plan to hit every one of them (in state, at least). Now if that doesn't give ya a warm fuzzy, nothing will, eh?

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sheriboeyink said...

I'm so happy for you Michelle!!! I'm off to buy my copy this week!!!

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