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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Wiser than Serpents by Susan May Warren - tour stop here! With bonus review!

About the book:
Her sister had vanished, trapped in a human slavery ring. To find her, FSB agent Yanna Andrevka arranged her own kidnapping into Taiwan's sex-trafficking trade. And found herself with no way out.

Until Yanna discovered an ally deep undercover: Delta Force captain David Curtiss. He was after the kingpin of the Twin Serpents, the organized crime syndicate that had Yanna—and hundreds of others— in their clutches.

With opposite agendas, David and Yanna had to rely on each other to outwit their cold-blooded enemy.

My review:

Susan May Warren really knows how to write suspenseful tales about unrequited love. Wiser than Serpents contained such passion and spiritual depth that it took my breath away. I loved her Josey series because it's so funny, but I really loved Wiser than Serpents because of the depth of emotion between the main characters in the book. It amazed me how much serious brutality (as in blood and guts) was allowed in this Steeple Hill book. But it was necessary to make the storyline believable. I was impressed, to say the least.

Susan's tale of romance and intrigue not only had me turning the pages, but holding my breath each time Yanna and David were together. The sparks between them were electric. I'm serious. And the deep emotional connection they had was beautiful and sacrificial, especially on David's end. He was willing to lay his life on the line so many times because of his love for Yanna. It was exhilarating. And his internal conflict was so intense because he wanted her so badly, but had to deny himself to the point it rocked him to the core. What a heroic hero! Fabulous story and incredibly romantic. I'd give this story a ten out of ten if I had a rating system. Seriously. The ending left me glowing.

Wiser than Serpents was published by Steeple Hill and released in June 2008.

Here is the blog tour schedule. Make sure to check out these stops.


Mary at Home Steeped Hope
Let it suffice that I was riveted to the recliner from page one. Susan’s characters grabbed my interest and my heart, and the plot escalated my heart rate so much that I kept glancing over at the half open front door, thinking maybe I should go over and lock it up tight!

Sunny at Life in the Estrogen Ocean
I highly recommend Wiser Than Serpents! It's an amazing piece of work just as a stand-alone fiction, but knowing the subject is a harsh reality brings it into a whole new light. This is no casual story about a rescue. It's an on-the-edge-of-your-seat kind of thrill ride.

Stacey at Jamee Forever
So in my mind, it was providential that I get the opportunity to read and post information about this book.

Amy at The 160 Acre Woods
So about this book– I’m sure for those who have read Susan’s work before know how great it is! This book is a thriller! I loveeeeeeeeeeee thrillers. I love the excitement and the frustration in this book. I love that I can feel for the characters and that it brings some real issues to light/life. I also love the fact that God is ever presence in this book and that the characters have to rely on Him. It pulls him into the here and now. Susan’s writing is easy to read. I think I read this book in about a day and half b/c I couldn’t put it down! I’ll be searching for more of her books as she’s captured me with her amazing details and imagery in her novel.

Melody at Kids, Cakes, Dishes, Laundry…In That Order

Brittanie at A Book Lover Forever
I loved this book . It is the third in a series that I have highly anticipated each and every book. I highly recommend the whole series. It is possible to read the third without feeling too lost but I recommend reading them in order so the details about the other characters that come out make perfect sense. From the beginning I was pulled in and I did not want to quit reading until the end. I loved finding out more about the lives of other past major characters and coming to love and find out more about the main characters in this book. The characters and plot are interesting and unique. Don't miss out on this great suspense with a touch of romance book and series!


Georgiana at Viva Inspirational Chick Lit
Man, this book has it all: internation intrigue, human trafficking, and of course, romance. What's amazing to me is how well it's woven together with a spiritual thread to make an entertaining story fit for the big screen.

Tasra at Real Women Scrap
You won't believe it, but I finished an entire book in one day this past weekend. It's billed as a thriller and I'm normally not a thrill seeker, but this book had me riveted.
It's another great book by Susan May Warren. I always know I'll get a good read from her, but wasn't sure what to expect since this new book, Wiser Than Serpents, is a departure from her last series. I was not disappointed. In fact, I think this may be my favorite Susan May Warren book of them all!

Margaret at Cappuccino Life
Susan May Warren takes a difficult and ugly subject and turns it into a fast paced, facts-based thriller. She also manages to take the reader through the realities of human trafficking without finding it necessary to delve into the gory details. We get the idea without having a vivid mental picture drawn for us. Of course, this being Christian chick-lit, there is also some romantic entanglement, difficult decisions guided by Scripture, and the Gospel message woven in.

Melanie at Melanie Writes
I highly recommend this deliciously satisfying book, the third in the Mission: Russia series. Can’t wait for the next one!

AnnMarie at More Than Just A Mom
Every once in awhile, I receive a book that grabs my attention, refusing to let go. Sometimes the book will have a remarkable (read: make you THINK about the world around you) message as well. Wiser than Serpents is one of them. Written by Susan May Warren, Wiser is an action packed thriller-romance that will keep you turning pages long after you should have gone to sleep (take my word for it!).


Leticia at My Daily Trek

Jill at Christian Work At Home Moms

Laura at Lighthouse Academy

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So there you have a smorgasboard of stops. Hope you enjoy the tour!

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