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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Adding a new reviewer to my blog!!! Review of One Step Over the Border by Stephen Bly!

It occurred to me today that my husband tends to read different books than I do or that he reads them long before I get a chance to check them out. Especially if the authors are male. My son is the same way. I am going to take advantage of that and interview them after they finish the books since they tend to rave about them to me when they are done, anyway. So starting today I'm going to post reviews by my family members as well as my own. That will hopefully get me a bit caught up. Here goes...

My spouse's review of One Step Over the Border by Stephen Bly.

About the book:

Award-winning author Stephen Bly weaves the tale of a pair of contemporary cowboys on a quest across the West. As a boy in Wyoming, Hap Bowman fell in love with a girl named Juanita. Ever since, he's experienced nothing but failure and misfortune.

Laramie Majors--quiet, reserved, and patient to a fault--hasn't left Hap's side since they became rodeo partners right out of college. Now, after spending most of his adult life looking for Juanita, Hap wants to do one last big search that will take them all over the Southwest before he admits defeat.

Together these two cowpokes find themselves reluctant heroes in a series of misadventures as they travel the West, all the while thinking that Hap's--or Laramie's--true love may be in the next town.

Hubby's review:

A slightly humorous tale about two friends who are always getting into trouble, One Step Over the Border was hard to put down. Engaging characters and an interesting plot keeps you turning the pages. The main character was looking for his childhood sweetheart and the antics that occurred on his search created some laugh-out-loud moments. By story’s end you’ll want to keep hanging out with the rodeo cowboys, especially since a very touching scene will stir your heart at the conclusion of the story.

To read chapter one on Barnes & Noble's site, click here

READ Chapter 1

1 comment:

Donna Moore said...

I love the idea of having your husband review. I have asked my son who is a tweener( not sure that is the correst word) to write what he thinks on books in his age bracket.

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